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Our Love Story

This production consists of shots of the bride and groom in a park setting before the wedding day talking about how they met, their expectations, and goals. Footage of the couple being interviewed separately and together is interspersed with romantic scenes in the park. Still pictures, newspaper clippings, old video or film, trophies, etc. can also be included in this production. Its a BIG hit when shown on a big screen at the rehearsal dinner and/or the reception. And of course it will be a big hit with your kids as the years go by and when they first ask How did you get together?

The Wedding Nest

Often the wedding party is spending 2-3 days at a great hotel, resort, or inn and having a great time there during After Parties, etc. Instead of telling everyone how great the location was, now you can show them. This sample video is of the Westin in Savannah.

The City

You've decided to have your wedding out of town because it's a great location like Savannah, Bahamas, Jamaica, etc. Not only will we be glad to accompany you, we'll document the trip and the location. This sample video is of historic Savannah.

Wedding Day Preliminaries - Compilation Demo

Wedding Day Preliminaries - Specific Demo

Wedding Day Ceremony Compilation Demo

Wedding Day Ceremony Specific Demo

The Reception - Compilation Demo

The Reception - Specific Demo

Wedding Day Highlights

The perfect way to end your video. Select a romantic song (or we can select one for you). We then edit together highlight clips of the Bride and Groom over music. These clips are comprised of shots from throughout the wedding day. The clips fade from shot to shot, adding dramatic effect. You have to see this to really appreciate it. A real tear jerker!

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